About Kendrick J. Guidry

With more than 20 years of legal experience, Kendrick J. Guidry is uniquely qualified to serve as your Division H District Judge. He has over 51 years of life experience that has given him the maturity and wisdom to serve well as the next Division H Judge.

The selection of your next Division H Judge will have an impact on our community and this parish for the next two decades. Kendrick J. Guidry believes that you, the people, deserve the best and will use his experience to enact positive change just as he has done throughout his military and social service careers. Kendrick has the experience needed to make tough decisions that have both economic and personal consequences. His decisions are always thoughtful. He will stand up for injustices and wrongs just as he always has.

Kendrick J. Guidry has always been a part of the Lake Charles community. He has mentored youth in the area about becoming our future leaders. He has a long history of serving local agencies that assist those less able, including CARC. He is a husband and father, and a shining example of what it means to be a compassionate and experienced District Judge. Kendrick has worn the uniform of an Eagle Scout, an Army officer, and he’s asking that you help him put on his newest uniform of Division H District Judge.

  • Distinguished Military Graduate
  • ROTC Corps Commander
  • McNeese State University, 1990
  • LSU Law School, 2000
  • Platoon Leader, Fort Hood Texas, 1990-1992
  • U.S. Army Airborne School Graduate
  • Assist. District Attorney, 2000-2006
  • Plauche, Smith & Nieset, 2006-present
  • United States Supreme Court – Fox v. Vice

Kendrick’s Vision

Kendrick J. Guidry is a serious man applying for a serious job. He realizes that a judge needs to be compassionate, understanding, and experienced. Mr. Guidry has made it his goal to handle the position with humility, patience, and intelligence.

Under Mr. Guidry’s leadership, Division H will be for the people, by the people; a fair and efficient system of justice; a protector of due process and constitutional rights; and committed to excellence in providing an educated and fair interpretation of the law.

Kendrick is running to be our Division H District Judge because:

  • He feels it is his calling and he is running to fulfill that call to service
  • He wants to return the investment the community has made in him
  • He has made well informed decisions his entire life and will continue to do so for the people of Division H
  • He has served his community his entire life
  • He believes that Division H belongs to the people
  • A Judge should have more than JUST a law degree
  • He will always be accessible, make the right decisions, and demand excellence from our legal system
  • He understands that a judge has to work hard, something he has done his entire life
  • The position calls for maturity and wisdom, two qualities that he has possessed for a very long time

Kendrick J. Guidry humbly asks for your vote on November 3, 2020 to become your next Division H District Judge.